Daniel T. Johnson

Who is Daniel T. Johnson?

If I am a specialist at anything, I specialize in many things.

I have already had 6 professions, from Vegetable Expert to Dating Guru, and I am currently employed as a Registered Nurse. Beyond that, I have also had many adventures: A moment in the spotlight as an amateur skateboarder, six months living at a meditation center near Yosemite, a gig selling magic tricks to passing pedestrians, a 5000km bike ride across South East Asia, or a month long art apprenticeship in Thailand (to name a few.)

Of course, those are just the highlights. I also love the simple things: a quiet walk in nature, watching the wildlife, feeling frosty winds across my face, or the sting of dry desert heat. (This is beginning to sound like a dating profile…)

Simply put, I do a lot (and as a meditator, I also do a lot of “non-doing.”)

I also easily get obsessed with things.

I also love to create, and one way I express my creativity is in writing. This website is the place for me to share all of that. It is a place for me to open up my inner world so that others can crawl inside and explore. It is a place for me to share what I have learned, to celebrate what I love, and sometimes to say what I think needs to be said.

Having experienced so many amazing things in life, I now do my best to live by a simple guideline: a commitment to inner growth and a commitment to outer responsibility.

I currently live in Philadelphia, where I run community events and work on various projects. I am also often found in the San Francisco Bay Area, or at a variety of different meditation centers around the globe.  Perhaps someday we will meet in the world outside the internet.

– Daniel